Greyhound Form Points 

Greyhound racing can be one of the most exciting things to bet on. But with the speed and so many things happening so quickly not only can it be the most exciting but also the most unpredictable. 

However, with the right strategies a lot of the unpredictability and risks can be taken away. This guide includes 3 selection methods that take a simple scoring approach. These are very effective when used separately but when combined results can be very profitable.

You will need the last four results of each trap in order to rate a race accurately.

System 1 – Average Race Time

Take each of the traps last 4 race finishing times and find the average. Do this by adding all 4 times together and dividing the total score by 4. The thing to remember for this system is that all the traps times have to be run on the same distance. ( all 400, 470 meters etc)

The lower the total Average Time the better

System 2 – Points For Time

This system involves putting points to times and adding each trap’s points up to pick out the best traps to bet on.

Using the same times as before. Give the fastest time out of all 24 finishing times 24 points, then the second fastest time 23 points, and so on and so on. The slowest time out of all 24 times has 1 point awarded to that trap.

If there are runners with the same times, award the same amount of points, for example

The higher the Total Points score the better

System 3 – Points For Form

This system uses the finish position of each of the traps last 4 results to award points.

This system can only be used if all dogs have run in the same grades. That means if it is an A4 race, then the trap needs to have run in A4 races, the last 4 times out

The Higher the Total Score the better

As with any kind of ratings system there are many, many ways to use the scores depending on how you want to bet. The versatility of such systems and scoring processes allow virtually everyone to find at least one way to benefit from the scores.

Whether a system is used as a stand alone approach or whether you decide to combine all 3 for more accurate results these methods will provide a steady stream of winners.

There's not a right or wrong way to use the ratings and its up to you to decide how you'd like to use them. Its entirely up to you to decide what kind of betting strategies work with the kinds of bets you want to place.

Below I have listed a few approaches that can be taken when betting

Greyhounds to Win/Place Back

  • Top rated greyhound
  • Top rated greyhound that is also race favourite
  • Top rated greyhound that is a course and distance CD winner
  • Top rated greyhound that has been selected in the POST PICK
  • Top 2 rated providing a profit can be made

Greyhounds to Lay

  • Lowest rated greyhound
  • Lowest price of one from bottom 2 rated greyhounds
  • Favourites when more than half the traps have a higher score

Runners that are rated top for each of the systems and also included in the POST PICK have been very profitable for me in the past.

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