Knockout Profits Betting Method

“Unlock Virtually Guaranteed Wins in Knockout Tournaments with the Knockout Profits Betting System – A Simple and Effective Strategy for Consistent Profits!”

The Knockout Profits system is a very simple method and can be used on almost all knockout tournaments throughout the year. But, more importantly its a system that can make you money every single time! Guaranteed!

This is a Brilliant method and involves betting on knockout competitions where there is eventually a winner. For example, In any knockout competition there can be only one winner. So, a knockout tournament with 32 teams, will have 31 losers! All you’ll need to do is pick any one of these 31 losers!

The first thing that needs to be done is to pick a team or player that will NOT win the overall competition. Then in the very next round of the tournament back their opponent to win! If their opponent wins then the bet is won and a Profit is made. If the selected player/team wins then all you’ll have to do is back their opponent in the next round and increase the stake.

As long as you choose a team or player that doesn’t win the overall tournament, you will make a profit, as eventually they WILL get beaten. And, as the selections picked will be the worst team or players, or one of the least expected to win overall, then they will eventually be beaten. I know the idea of increasing stakes isn’t something that appeals to everyone, but there’s no need to worry. The Stakes can’t get out of hand as there will only ever be a few rounds/matches to cover with this bet in these tournaments.


I’ve used this method several times during this Seasons FA Cup. When the competition got to 3rd round I selected Exeter City, Wolves, Newport County & Scunthorpe to be my losing selections ( As I was 100% sure none of these were going to win overall ) and backed their opponents.. 

West Ham, Blackburn & Chelsea ( Opponents ) all won their games and Liverpool won the replay making my Profit.

£50 Starting Stake

West Ham v Wolves = £41Newport County v Blackburn = £42 Chelsea v Scunthorpe = £7.50Liverpool v Exeter City = £113rd Round Profits = £101.50

In the 4th round I selected Derby & Colchester to be my losing selections,and backed their opponents. Man Utd & Tottenham ( opponents ) won their games making my Profit.

£50 Starting Stake

Derby County v Man Utd = £15Colchester v Tottenham = £50

4th Round Profits = £65

It really is that simple! I was fortunate enough to win with all the selected teams first time. If I hadn’t I would have simply increased my bet and selected their opponents in the next round.

This bet can be used in many knockout sporting events, and although the profits may not be huge, they are almost guaranteed! As long as the competitions eventual winner isn’t selected, then you are going to profit.

Some teams or players will never win these tournaments, in the end they will lose, This method WILL make you money over and over with no risk of losing in the long run. The many small wins using this method soon add up.

Whenever there’s a knockout tournament coming up pick out the competitions least likely winners and back their opponents. There are knockout competitions on almost every week. You will find fantastic money to be made throughout the year using this method with Snooker. Darts. Tennis. UEFA Cup, Champions League, FA Cup, Scottish cup, etc, etc.

If your smart, you can use this bet on several teams in any one tournament. So give it a try and you’ll see proof that it works every time as long as you choose a tournament loser!

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