Low Lays Horse Racing System

Strategic Laying: A Low-Risk Horse Racing System for Maximum Gains

Throughout the Low-Lay system we’ll be using a “points” system. We will award a horse points on how well it can perform against it’s competitors. The less points it receives, the more money we lay it for.

What you’ll need to do is work through every race and every horse to find ideal races to bet on. This is the most critical part of our selections and is the cornerstone on which this formula is based.

Step 1:
If the horse is favourite add 2 points.
If horse is second/joint first favourite add 1 point.
If the horse lies outside first two betting positions add 0 points.

Step 2:
If the horse has ran in the last 14 days add 1 point.
If the horse hasn’t ran in the last 14 days add 0 points.

Step 3:
If the horse has won over this ground before (i.e. hard/soft/good) award 2 points.
If horse has won over similar ground add 1 point.
If horse hasn’t won over same/similar ground add 0 points.

Step 4:
If the horse has won at this course before award 1 point.
If horse has came 2nd by neck or short head (at this course) award 0 points. 
If horse has done neither, subtract 1 point.

Step 5:
If the horse has won over this distance award 2 points.
If the horse has came 2nd by neck or short head (over this distance) award 0 points
Subtract 2 points if horse has done neither.

Step 6:
If the horse has highest RPR according to Racing Post, then add 2.
If it has joint highest or 2nd highest, then add 1 point.
If it is 3rd highest award 0 points. 
Worse than third, subtract 1 point.

Step 7:
Go to Racing Post tips section.
If the horse has more than 60% of the tips in it’s favour award 2 points.
Less than 60%, but greater than 40% award 1 point.
Less than 40%, subtract 1 point.

  1. Only calculate the first 3 horses in the betting market.
  2. Only lay one horse in a race. This is the one with lowest points rating.
-3 or Less5% Of Bank
-2, -1 and 02% Of Bank
1 & 21% Of Bank

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